Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17

Aries: You're all set to heat up your love life -- though you may not know what's happening until you're right in the middle of it! You often prefer it that way anyway, so get set for a wild ride!

Just when I’d given up hope on my fickle, non-updatatory horoscope on facebook, just when I’d decided to can the Aries Experiment and move on to the chili-cheese fries experiment, just when I’d already gotten chili-cheese fries for said experiment from Carl’s Jr., just when I’d decided that it only got another half star to add to the one it came with on the bag, just when I was ready to describe the poor presentation (a relative term when dealing with chili-cheese fries) of the blobby cheese and chili on the mediocre fries, just when I was searching for fine chili-cheese pictures on the internet for said post, facebook finally updates its horoscope. And what can I say about it? Well, not much. I guess I’ll have to wait and see, but perhaps this chili-cheese fries tour of Utah County will help me get ready get set for the forecasted “wild ride” coming up in my love life. I’m not much of an exhibitionist, but in the interest of the experiment, I may allude to whether it seemed true or not by my next post. Depending on how true it ends up being and how demure I feel when I post.

Not all astrological omens lend themselves to immediate analysis. It’s surprising even that I’ve gotten this far without having to leave things in suspense.

Also, if anyone knows of places to get Chili cheese fries in Utah Valley, let me know.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 4: Special Tuesday Post

Aries: Today sees you pretty much right where you want to be and your recent activities have paid off in a big way. Now might be a good time to re-evaluate your long-term goals in light of recent successes.

The Aries Experiment exists for these days. The first sentence seems right on. I mean, after a lunch at Chuck-a-rama with great friends and the curmudgeonly father of one, how can I not say I’m where I want to be? Besides that I’ve reached page 40 on my thesis—a fine milestone in a 60 page project—and other areas of life seem to be going great. So, a point to the dubious-at-best facebook horoscope and another point for updating on Tuesday instead of every Friday. Oh, Horoscope, you do keep me guessing.

As for the second part, re-evaluating long-term goals, that’s always kind of hard. Maybe this is a reminder to get working on my writing again as I’m getting a handle on other parts of my life. Not that I could say any of my recent successes make me think of my long-term goals any differently thus necessitating a re-evaluation. Though maybe this takes me back to Chuck-a-rama where my friend had the idea of getting a job with the British tourist something or other mapping and creating an online database of GPSed hikes with picture and audio recordings. So, that would definitely be a re-evaluation of my future goals. Send me down a different but very enjoyable path. That’s not necessarily a re-evaluation in light of recent successes though, and since the ol’ horoscope’s doing so well today, I don’t feel like cutting it any slack, not when it’s bringing it’s A game. Though, my thesis is on a similar subject… so in light of recent successes/milestones on my thesis, I may be thinking about a big, long project in England. Better check their website….

Thought: is part of this experiment to go so far as to really act on these interpretations?