Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apollo Burger and JCWs

So, I have surveyed two more establishments on my great chili cheese tour of Utah Valley. Provo's own Apollo Burger, and I even ventured as far as distant American Fork's State Street for some of JCWs fine fries.

Apollo Burger: Very good. Much better than Carl's Jr for one because the fries were much bigger--and bigger seems better in this area--and the chili was also better and more evenly distributed, creating a nicer overall picture to look at. That being said, the cheese used was nacho cheese, a big no no in the chili cheese fries world I think. It's common sense that you melt the cheese on the heat of the chili, thus pre-melted or soft cheeses should not even be considered. Still, tasty, 2.5 stars.

JCWs: These are the most expensive to date, and probably the best. They tasted great, the chili and cheese were spread evenly and there was enough to attach to nearly every fry. The fries weren't as big as Apollo Burger's, but bigger than Carl's Jr--a fine size fries really. Plus, the cheese was orange and white and melted by the chili just as should be. Good, but pricey. Also the portion was a tad stingy. Still hit the spot. 3 stars.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2

Aries: Today is perfect for dreaming up new schemes and programs for all aspects of your life. Your intellectual energy is primed and you ought to find that brainstorming comes more easily to you.

Well, today is perfect for dreaming up new schemes and programs not necessarily because my brainstorming faculties are in prime condition but because I found out late last night that I didn’t get into Bloomington’s Doctoral program, so I now have the necessary task of figuring out how to spend this next year of my life at least. Though I already have some ideas: work, make money, pay off debts, take a road trip to Tierra del Fuego, write, write, write. But, let’s say I don’t know what to do with this next year. I will brainstorm.

Things I can do with this next year
-live and work in China
-teach English in Japan
-listen to Aqua’s Cartoon Heroes until I figure something out
-write a screenplay, novel, children’s book, all of the above
-live and work at a national park this summer (Arches, Zion, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Mesa Verde…)
-work for a car rental company
-sell insurance
-work as a paleobotanist
-teach English at a Jr. College somewhere near or somewhere exotic (this could include somewhere near a beach or in Europe)
-go WOOFing in Australia—dodge out on student loans for a while—or elsewhere.
-work at a bookstore
-work as a mechanic
-kick start struggling t-shirt business
-start an online web comic
-edit, freelance or otherwise
-join a doomed expedition to somewhere unknown
-move to Alaska, find a vein of gold, mine it
-make an awesome youtube video, post it, accept job on SNL, make $$$$
-get body of a navy seal, sell images of same for $$
-get a massage license
-buy shovel, work
-learn how to beat box or break dance, change image, hit the streets, gain cred, live the life
-find every way to gain grants from the government
-refine psychic powers so I can walk through walls/disrupt bodily functions of others from a distance
-make documentary of the same
-start conspiracy theory of…

But then I’ve already said too much.