Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Navy Seal Workout

So, for those of you who have talked to me for the past 6 months, you probably know that I've been doing the Navy Seal preparatory workouts which they say you must be able to do to even think about making it through training. Well, I completed the many weeks. It was an experiment because I was very doubtful I'd be able to complete the final week which involved 20 sets of 25 sit ups, 20 push ups, 15 dips and 5 sets of 12 pull ups. That means 500 sit ups, 400 push ups, 300 dips and 60 pull ups. Well, I recently found out that it is possible to do that many of those things, and I now have the best body of my life as I'm pushing 30. Woo hoo! Not that that's old or anything, but I have heard that whatever body you have at 30 you will have that or worse the rest of your life. It's very hard to push to a higher level after 30, so it's good to be there now.

The only problems have been that I have lost 10 lbs--though I guess I had 10 to lose??--and many of my pants have gotten ridiculously baggy and thus unwearable. Though the pants thing is fine because I found some boot cut jeans at American Eagle that I love so much I feel slightly guilty.

So, another experiment arguably more successful than the overall horoscope one. Though I am about to go searching for some Chinese horoscopes in honor of the Olympics. Hooray for Michael Phelps!