Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New York^2

I feel Warhol would have loved this mocking homage.

I was in New York again this past weekend for my birthday and my cousin's wedding. Piggy-backing the two went really well because it meant all my brothers were in town for my birthday and that there were a lot of fun things to do like late night Karaoke and lots of wedding dancing. And this in a town that leaves me with no lack of wonderful things to see and do. Some of my favorites:


They sell fantastically huge cookies. My double chocolate chocolate chip cookie had layers of chocolate chips through the middle. An highrise of sweet sweet goodness.


The first time I walked in front of one of these, my taste buds needed a cold shower. They're cupcakes are big, fancy, covered with goodies and filled with creams. For passover weekend they have chocolate covered and candied Matzoh breads and themed cupcakes with Moses, Elijah headlining flavors. Kind of a spiritual cake version of Ben and Jerry's. I.e. yummy! Even the muffins are tempting.

Butternut Squash Soup and Dog Theme!

Went here with some friends, and my only regret was that I didn't have time that evening to get to a nearby Crumbs after. The butternut squash soup was incredible. But then, so was everything. Great food and the dog theme was tasteful but not too intrusive (ie, fun design motif but no dog-themed menu items.)


Kitty corner to my newly-wed cousin's place of work, these doughnuts are amazing. My highest recommendations go to the cake donuts (the carrot cake and tres leches blew my mind). Even the filled donuts have hole which makes for perfect filling to doughnut ratio in nearly every bite. Having spoken at length to many people about my love for some "best doughnuts in the world" as found in a basement bakery in the Amish country of Lancaster county, PA, I feel I need to add that if Doughnut Plant borrowed a page from their book and made their yeast doughnuts with potato flour--thus adding a substantial fluffiness to their doughnuts, they'd be unassailable. Peerless. Immaculate.

Ribs and Date Cake!

Cafe Moto is hard to find at first. The intimate (read: tiny) cafe looks like an abandoned building from the outside, but the well-seasoned ribs and mashed potatoes are a delight--but have some napkins and purell handy--and the date cake... oh, the date cake! I don't know how to explain it other than just saying its name in a such a way as to express deep longing and desire while adding, the sauce is incredible and the fresh whipped cream to the side doesn't hurt.

Now if I can find a great place for pies in NYC, I can start putting on some real weight.

And I have to mention a bit about my cousin's wonderful wedding. The bachelor party involved a drunken and rowdy but harmless posse people kept clear of on the subway and in the karaoke bar where we sang long and hard till the wee hours. The wedding was gorgeous and so wonderful to be at. Loved the song the bride came in by

and loved the dancing which was highly encouraged and highly enjoyed.

And loved my cousin's wedding vows which included imaginary numbers, exponential growth, powers, and 1 in there somewhere. Didn't check his math myself, but I think it all adds up.

Basically I had a lovely time even though it was a bit chillier than it ought to have been, and I apparently took pictures of little besides Magnolias which were or were almost blooming.

Ah, spring!

I just love New York...