Saturday, August 27, 2011

Game of Vikings, Game of Wood

We made some sets of Kubb. One for my sister and one for the Steele cabin. Also known as viking chess, its a game where you throw wooden dowels and knock over wooden blocks. Its a fine, fine lawn game introduced to us by some fine, fine folks out East. We thought we'd introduce it out West and gain fame and notoriety that way. So we started with some blocks we had cut.

We sanded them down.

Sand, sand...
Sand 'em down good.

Real good.
And then painted them. Here is our second set in progress. Sadly, somehow, we didn't get a shot of the final product with the awesome design Heather made for it. The blue and orange were very striking with astylized leaf design we put on it.

Here's the first set I tried my hand on. For my Moose-loving sister.

Kubb in action. Game of warriors and seafarers.

Too fast to see sometimes...

The sound of the dowell knocking the kubb is so satisfying.

Definitely a game where you don't want to get behind.

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TinTin said...

Why is this the first time I've heard of this?...I was secretly hoping that the set for the sister was me but alas. Well done on the blocks though, looks ab fab!